Times Art Created By Nature Was Much Better Than The Actual Art

We, human beings, are great at creating all kinds of things, including works of art. But as much as we try to use our imagination and create both realistic and abstract art, Mother Nature seems to be one step ahead of us. Everything she does is pure beauty! She creates unbelievable masterpieces using all instruments that are at her disposal: shadows, light, wind, gravity, color, and numerous laws of physics. Just stop for a minute and look around you – there’s so much beauty it’s impossible to fathom it all at once! Here we’ve gathered 20 times art created by Nature was much better than the actual art.



A frosty painting that will cease to exist once the sun comes out.



All shades of orange and red are reflected in a broken mirror. It’s the most abstract-looking sunset we’ve ever seen!



Is this a Monet painting? Oh, no, wait, it’s just mud spattered all over the window during a road trip.

Volcanic explosion or Mt. Fuji on a lid? Probably both.



Sometimes paint can look more artful than any painting created with it. Just don’t stir it!



We need to learn to see the beauty in the smallest things…like on the bottom of a coffee cup!



What happens if you gaze into your shampoo bottle? You’ll get to see the fractal bubble art!

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