Useful Skills That Will Give You A Competitive Edge In 2018

Let’s be honest: the economy is horrible right now. Finding a job is slowly but surely becoming the hardest thing people have to do before their 30th birthday. Well, that and paying taxes for the first time. That pain never goes away.
To help you get a job slightly faster, here’s some skills you might want to invest in, in the upcoming year of our Lord 2018.

Facebook Advertising
Since the population most vulnerable to advertising – the younglings Anakin didn’t kill – spend most of their free time on Facebook, being able to make people buy stuff on Facebook is a very sought-after skill on the job market these days. Because why make a separate marketing platform if the best platform is already out there for you to use and abuse?

Google Analytics
Is there anything more attractive than a guy that can measure advertising return on investment? What? There is? Well, shucks.

Drone Videography
Remember how drones are awesome? Learn to fly one properly so you can get paid to essentially play with an RC toy. That’s every kid’s dream. Every kid ever.


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